November 12, 2010



·      For many months we have been praying for the Carcelén church and the financial obligations associated with closing their school.  God continues to work a miracle through this congregation as they have met all financial commitments to date.  Continue to remember this church in your prayers as they have another large payment due in December.

Prayer Requests

·      Lift in prayer Dwight Rich and Jon Fischer as they travel to Venezuela to hold meetings.  Dwight’s dates of travel are 11/11-16; Jon’s dates are 11/14-18.
·      Update on Dallis Parker:  Her last chemo treatment will be the week after Thanksgiving.  At that time, she will also have a scan of her liver.  The family is specifically prayer that NO tumor will be found on the scan, and they appreciate your prayers for her healing.
·      Remember the NILI staff and students as they travel to Shell, Ecuador, from 11/19-25.
·      Pray for our Seminary staff and students as they are finishing their school year and are planning for the Graduation ceremony on 11/26 and the Board of Regents meeting on 11/27.

Missionary Celebrations in November

11/14                        Luis & Clara Meza’s anniversary
11/22                        Mary Hall’s birthday
11/23                        Stan Hall’s birthday
11/24                        Daniel Meza’s birthday

Continued Prayer Requests

·      Kim Haddon currently in the States raising support to return to the field, and also for her strengthened health.
·      Rev. Eduardo Gonzalez, former Nazarene missionary, who continues to be in an induced coma.
·      The Howard family currently on Home Assignment until 1/9/11.
·      Manuel & Kristin Ronquillo serving in our Seminary in Cuba.
·      Carla Aleman, a Seminary student working in the jungles of Peru until November.
·      Please pray for a delicate situation between pastors on our Ecuador Coast District.
·      Two of our Nazarene schools.  The leadership teams need God’s wisdom and direction.  The Carcelén church is involved in legal matters and needs funds related to the closing of the school.
·      Campamento Jiraquito in Venezuela (our Nazarene camp) needs God’s protection from people who would like to take it over.
·      The six new churches being planted by our Seminary staff and students.
·      Del Wright who needs God’s touch and a diagnosis for an unidentified infection in his shoulder.
·      Dallis Parker who is undergoing chemotherapy.
·      The Partners in Ministry sponsorship program for our Seminary students.
·      The leadership throughout Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela as they seek to do God’s will.