March 28, 2006

Prayer Requests

We'd appreciate your prayers for:
  • the training of Ecuadorian pastors this Thursday, Friday and Saturday (3/30-4/1). Pray that God will move among the pastors and that the training will encourage and challenge these pastors in a special way.
  • the safety of our missionary staff during this time of political unrest.

March 17, 2006

Prayer Requests from the Fischers in Venezuela:

  • Pray for an airline solution so that W&W teams can travel in and out of Venezuela without problems.
  • Mid-March: Pray for the MVNU team. Pray that they will have open hearts to what God wants to show them while they are here. Pray for them as they minister to the people in the Barcelona area outside of Puerta La Cruz.
  • End of March: Pray for the Jesus Film team. Pray for their traveling safety and also that it will be a valuable experience.
  • Pray for our safety and the political situation in our country.