April 15, 2011



·     Frequently, we ask you to pray for traveling mercies.  Dwight & Carolyn Rich send in this praise:  “Last night we drove for several hours through severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings across southeastern Oklahoma.  A tornado set down and crossed our path just minutes before we arrived at that point.  Semis were tossed about and crumpled and buildings destroyed.  So far at least two people were killed that we know about.”  Praise God for His protection!

·     Louise Frazier, Carolyn Rich's mom, praises the Lord for successful cataract surgery, which has restored her eyesight to what she feels is the "best since third grade."

·     Over the years, we have prayed for the physical and spiritual condition of Del Wright, son of Al & Diane Wright (frequent volunteers in Quito).  We praise God that recently Del and his family received Christ as Lord!  The Wrights thank you for your faithful prayers.

New Prayer Requests

·     Please pray for the upcoming South America Region meetings in Pilar, Argentina:

5/10-11 – Regional Advisory Committee and other meetings
5/12-15 – Regional Conference.  Its purpose is to gather, inspire and equip the regional leaders from all over South America.
5/16-17 – specific ministry training meetings
·     Pray for Joe Roberts, longtime NAF partner, who had a mild heart attack this week. He had a catheterization and procedures to put in a stint and balloon.

·     Remember in prayer Ruth Ann Morris who is having a laparoscopic hysterectomy this coming Wednesday.  She and her husband, Keith, are coming to Quito as volunteers in August, so her prayer is that her recovery will be quick and complete.

·     Lift in prayer the upcoming Holy Week and Easter activities.  In the Latin culture, non-believers are often attracted to Holy Weeks services.  Pray that many people come to the Lord on the NAF during this special season.

Ongoing Prayer Requests

·     Dwight & Carolyn Rich has they serve on Home Assignment in the States until 5/7.
·     Jon Fischer’s dad, Vernon, undergoing dialysis three times a week.
·     Lori Beckum who is on a waiting list for kidney replacement.
·     Jeane Taylor who needs God’s healing touch.
·     The Partners in Ministry sponsorship program for our Seminary students.
·     The leadership throughout Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela as they seek to do God’s will.