September 29, 2006

Prayer for Hannah Baker

Hannah Baker, age 8, is suffering from a herpes virus that has attacked her nerve endings (causing a great deal of pain and inability to sleep) and has caused lesions to grow on her arms. As of today she will be on strong medicines for at least 8 to 10 days. The doctors are not exactly sure of the cause since usually this virus is contracted through chicken pox, but Hannah had the chicken pox vaccine as a baby.

At this time, long-term effects are not known. Please pray that Hannah's lesions will heal and that the pain will completely go away so that she can sleep through the night. Also pray that she won't suffer from long-term effects or have future outbreaks.

September 14, 2006

Update on Candace Howard

Praise the Lord! Thank you for praying. The results of the biopsy on Candace Howard are in. There is no cancer! They have run other tests and Candace will need some kind of medication for her thyroid gland. She may have hypothyroidism. Please continue to keep Candace in your prayers as she suffers from asthma as well and is always having to deal with those symptoms. God is on His Throne!

September 04, 2006

Urgent Prayer Request

Candace Howard, age 8, is the daughter of Dana and Sherry Howard, missionaries serving in Quito, Ecuador. We just learned that Candace has seven tumors in her lymph node and thyroid area. She is undergoing tests this week to determine if any of the tumors have cancer. Please help us pray for this precious child and for the family as they go through this stressful time of testing and waiting.

September 01, 2006

Arrival of Baker family

On Sept. 5th, the Baker family (Tim, Jennifer, Luke and Hannah) will be traveling to Ecuador. They will serve as volunteer missionaries assigned to CENIC, the conference center for the Seminary. This is a vital ministry as the proceeds from CENIC provide a large part of the Seminary budget as well as provide money for the students. Please pray for the Baker family as they learn their new jobs, continue to learn a new language, and homeschool their children.

Prayer for Victims of Volcano and Recovery Efforts

During the volcano eruption, Santiago Fiallos (age 14) fell from the roof of his home and was killed. We are asking for special prayer for his family in this tragic loss.

Please pray for the Nazarene leadership and medical team as they continue to deal with the physical and emotional needs resulting from this crisis.

Pray for that the Nazarene church will continue to be God's representation as they minister to so many in need. Pray that the necessary funds for the recovery efforts will be provided.