July 30, 2011


·      From Dwight Rich:  We thank the Lord for Sherri Hall and her special ministry to our North Andean Field and Partnership over the past 6 years with our weekly prayer email and our www.andeanadventure.blogspot.com.  We have not made the transition to a new prayer coordinator yet, and Sherri has graciously agreed to help us a little while longer.  We will be dropping back to every other week until our new coordinator is ready.  Thank you, Sherri!!

New Prayer Requests

·      Pray for the Bill Bahr family of 4 as they return to the USA on August 2.  They have been studying in our NILI Professional program for the past two months.
·      Pray for Keith and Ruth Ann Morris as they come to serve as Mission Corps with a one-year contract.  They will be teaching at the Alliance Academy International, which will give our missionary kids a discount.  They will arrive on August 4.
·      Let's remember Harrison and Jennifer Guaman who have just returned from their honeymoon.  They will be getting back into the swing of their work.
·      Please pray for Vincent and Alyson Cork, Nazarene Extreme volunteer missionaries to Cali, Colombia.  They will arrive in Quito this week on August 2 to attempt to acquire their visa to be able to work in Colombia with the church.  Their assignment is to coordinate Work & Witness teams who will be arriving to work on the new 8000-seat sanctuary.  They have tried once before for the visa but were denied.
·      Lift up our 3 camps in Venezuela during August.  There is an adolescent camp, youth camp, and family camp.  This is a yearly highlight where over 1000 Nazarenes will participate.  Many of our present leaders were called to ministry in these camps.  Rev. Hernán Puga from Ecuador will be preaching for the adolescent and family camps.  Rev. Jean David Larochelle will be preaching for the youth camp.

Missionary Celebrations

8/03            Dwight & Carolyn Rich’s anniversary

Continued Prayer Requests

·      Let's continue to remember the Hall family as they get settled into their new pastoral ministry in St. Louis at Gateway Central Church of the Nazarene.  Pray for Mary as she heads to Olivet and Landon as he begins high school in the States.

Ongoing Prayer Requests

·      Jon & Shirley Fischer are on furlough in the States for the next three months.
·      Several requests for people undergoing treatment for cancer:
o   Rev. Carlos Castro, pastor in Milagro, Ecuador.
o   Pastor Marcos Casco, pastor of the Bellavista Church near Puyo/Shell, Ecuador.
o   Clara Medina de Valdivieso, pastor’s wife in Alausi, Ecuador.
o   Carlos Robalino, Jr., from the Riobamba Bellavista church.
·      Vernon Fischer, Jon’s dad, on dialysis and on a waiting list to receive a kidney.
·      Joe Roberts recovering from a heart attack and his wife, Virginia, receiving treatments for kidney cancer, both long-time NAF partners.
·      The Meza family on furlough in the USA for two months starting on June 11.  Let's pray for safety in their travels and God's blessing on the services.
·      Lori Beckum who is on a waiting list for kidney replacement.
·      Jeane Taylor who needs God’s healing touch.
·      The Partners in Ministry sponsorship program for our Seminary students.
·      The leadership throughout Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela as they seek to do God’s will.