November 09, 2008



·      We praise God for the way He continues to work in the Alulema family.  Since their first visit to the church a few weeks back, they have attended every Sunday, and the pastor is hoping to start a small group in their home.

Prayer Requests

·      Please be in prayer for the RAC (Regional Advisory Committee) meetings to be held next week in Argentina.  Pray for Dwight Rich as he travels to attend and for Stan and Sherri Hall as they will have their missionary interview with the committee via the Internet.

Continued Prayer Requests

·      The Dana Howard family during their Home Assignment.

·      That Felix Vargas would receive a U.S. presidential pardon and be able to return to the U.S. one day.

·      NILI:  recruiting students and building relationships with partnering universities.

·      This school year for our Seminary and our extension programs in all three countries.

·      The leadership throughout Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela as they seek to do God’s will.