January 15, 2010



·      Dwight & Carolyn Rich thank the Lord for watching over their children and keeping them safe.  On January 7 before 5 AM, Stefanie on her way to work, lost control of her car in the snow and ice and ended up in a field practically buried in the snow.  Bryan responded to her call for help and was able to dig her out.  She was unhurt!  That evening, Bryan and Jennifer were entering a highway and hit a patch of ice that sent their car out of control.  They crossed several lanes of traffic before bumping up against something.  They were unhurt!  We thank you for your prayers on our behalf and we thank the Lord for protecting us all.

·      We are thankful for the two Work & Witness teams that worked in Ecuador during the holidays.  One team was made up of former NILI students and their friends who worked on the home for the Seminary Rector.  And second team was made up of teens from the Mid Atlantic District who worked on the Maya Moncayo church near Santa Domingo.

Prayer Requests

·      The Seminary started its new academic year this week; however, we have some students from outside of Ecuador that are still trying to get paperwork in order to return to Quito for studies.  Please pray for these students.

·      A new NILI semester also begins this weekend with a large group of NILI-Classic and NILI-Professional students.  Pray for these students are they arrive and get oriented to a new culture.

·      Please pray for Rev. Jean David Larochelle, a Haitian and one of our national leaders in Ecuador, as he travels with a medical team from Ecuador to Haiti to help in the relief efforts after the devastating earthquake.

·      Lift in prayer Dr. Santiago Bereche, DS of Ecuador Costa Norte District and his family, as they travel to Peru on January 17 to spend several weeks of vacation and visiting family.

·      Pray for the upcoming District Assembly meetings across the NAF:
2/13            Austro District, Ecuador
2/20            Sierra Sur, Ecuador
2/20            Andino District, Venezuela
2/25            Nor Oriental District, Colombia
2/26            Central Norte District, Colombia
2/27            Central Sur District, Colombia
2/27            Lago District, Venezuela
3/6              Centro Occidental District, Venezuela
3/6              Nor Occidental District, Colombia
3/12            Sur Occidental District, Colombia
3/13            Eje Cafetero District, Colombia
3/13            Costa Norte District, Ecuador
3/13            Sierra Centro District, Ecuador
3/14            Primero District, Venezuela
3/16            Llanos Occidentales District, Venezuela
3/26            Sierra Norte District, Ecuador
3/27            Costa District, Ecuador

Missionary Celebrations

1/18            Shirley Fischer

Continued Prayer Requests

·      The political tensions between the countries of the North Andean Field
·      Two of our Nazarene schools experiencing economic challenges.  The leadership teams need God’s wisdom and direction.
·      Work teams needed to build a House for Seminary Rector, Freddy Guerrero and his family on the Seminary campus.
·      Marilyn Cummings who is fighting cancer.
·      Greg Hall’s father who is recovering from a stroke.
·      The Partners in Ministry sponsorship program for our Seminary students.
·      NILI:  recruiting students and building relationships with partnering universities.
·      The leadership throughout Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela as they seek to do God’s will.