May 16, 2006

Prayer for NAF Partner

Please pray for Pastor James Higginbotham, one of our partners from Texas, who has cancer. He reports that it is getting smaller and he believes that God will heal him in His perfect timing.

May 02, 2006

Update on Legal Issue

Our Venezuelan church was faced with 4 lawsuits. Two were withdrawn. One we lost but it has been appealed. Please help us continue to pray for this situation. The last one has not come to trial yet.

May 01, 2006

Prayer for Mission Corps Personnel

Ginger Wood has recently accepted a teaching position with Alliance Academy, the school that the missionary children attend here in Quito, Ecuador. Because she is coming as a volunteer, the tuition bill for the 6 children that currently attend will be discounted by almost 1/2! What a blessing to the mission.

Her specific prayer requests are as follows:
  • That God will help her raise the necessary funds to support her while she's here.
  • That she can rent her home in Missouri (this is a pre-requisite for coming).
  • That she will get affordable travel rates (currently the airfare has almost doubled).

Prayers for Safe Travel

Several people are traveling during the month of May, and we'd appreciate your prayers for safety:
  • Dwight and Carolyn Rich are on home assignment May 2nd - June 30th. They will be traveling to deputation services during much of this time.
  • Bruce and Cinda McKellips are flying to the US on May 4th and return to Ecuador on May 31st.
  • Dana Howard is currently traveling in Europe and will return to Ecuador on May 6th.
  • Mark Maddox, a professor from Northwest Nazarene University, will be teaching a 2-week course in our seminary at the end of May.